METAL - Machine Learning Experimentation Environment (METAL-MLEE)

NOTE: this software is old and probably experienced significant bit-rot. I haven't used it, let alone updated or corrected it in years. If you still find it useful or get it to do useful things or even have an update, please let me know!

METAL - MLEE (machine learning experimentation environment) is a software package that was eveloped for the METAL Project. It can be used to carry out machine-learning "experiments" to gather the data necessary for metalearning and the Data Mining Advisor.

Download of METAL - MLEE

The current and final version of the software is V3.0.

OS-independent components and sources: mlee-metal-src.tgz(~500K)
Optional precompiled binaries for x86/linux: mlee-metal-binpclinux.tgz(~250K)
Optional precompiled binaries for x86/win32+Cygwin: mlee-metal-binpccygwin.tgz(~124K)
Optional precompiled binaries for Sparc/Solaris2.6: mlee-metal-binpcsparcsolaris.tgz(~250K)

NOTE: Precompiled binaries of programs are provided for convenience. We were careful to avoid potential security and safety problems like viri, but do not take any responsibility for any damage that might occur. If you want to make sure, please download the source code, inspect it, and compile it yourself.


You can download the documentation in PDF format (~120K) or read it online.


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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