From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation

A Symposium at the
14th European Meeting on
Cybernetics and Systems Research
(EMCSR '98)

April 15-17, 1998, Vienna, Austria (EU)


Chairs: Jörg Müller and Paolo Petta


Table of Contents


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  • The programme of EMCSR'98 was finalized;
    this symposium was realphabetized from "P" to "N"

  • This symposium's dates are:
    Wed, April 15, 14.00-18.00, Room 34
    Thu, April 16, 14.00-18.00, Room 34
    Fri, April 17, 11.00-13.00, Room 34

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  • Introduction:

    Agent-based technology has made a fast inroad from highly specialised workshops on topics such as ``situatedness'' and ``embeddedness'' to mainstream textbooks. In the course of this development, it has also been driving the furthering of established notions and frameworks (e.g., the shift from ``perfect rationality'' to ``bounded optimality'' or the introduction of a ``social level'' above the ``knowledge level'') as well as favouring the intensification of interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas with as diverse fields as economics, control theory, evolutionary biology and ethology, or psychology and neurology, taking on ``irrational'' aspects of cognition in open worlds.

    The main objective of this symposium is to foster the exchange of ideas and experience among researchers working on theoretical and practical issues of agent technology, covering both the micro and macro aspects of agent design.

    Topics of interest include:

    Accepted Papers:

    The following 16 out of a total of 23 submitted papers were accepted (rejection rate: 35%). After the event, a second round of more extensive reviews is planned which is to lead to the publication of extended versions of selected contributions in an edited collection.

    Baroni,P., Fogli,D., Guida,G., Mussi,S.
    Modeling the Mental Activity of an Autonomous Agent: An Implementation Based on Intentions and Persuasions
    Bestougeff,H., Bouaissi,A.
    Multi-Agent Architecture to Model and Simulate a Business Network of Recurrent Conversations and Associated Tasks
    Buerckert,H.-J., Fischer,K., Vierke,G.
    TeleTruck: A Holonic Fleet Management System
    Chantemargue,F., Dagaeff,T., Schumacher,M., Krone,O., Hirsbrunner,B.
    Autonomous Agents: from Concepts to Implementations
    Grounding Agent Theory: The Social World Is Its Own Best Model
    Gouarderes,G., Canut,M.F., Sanchis,E.
    From Mutant to Learning Agents: Different Agents to Model Learning Environments
    On the Role of Computational Models for Specifying Hybrid Agents
    From Organizational Design to the Design of Software Agents: Towards a Multiagent Organization Theory
    Kopetzky,R., Grohmann,A.
    Using an Agent-Enhanced Approach for the Implementation of Environmental Information Systems of the Second Generation
    Magnanelli,M., Erni,A., Norrie,M.
    ACADEMIA: An Agent-Maintained Database Based on Information Extraction from Web Documents
    Marik,V., Pechoucek,M., Hazdra,T., Stepankova,O.
    ProPlanT - Multi-Agent System for Production Planning
    Poly-Agent System Design Approach to Autonomous Anticipative Management
    Ventura,M.M., Pinto-Ferreira,C.A.
    Problem Solving without Search
    Towards the Necessity of Constructivism as an Epistemology of Agents in the Social Sciences
    Yang,J., Pai,P., Honavar,V., Miller,L.
    Classification of Documents Using GA-Based Feature Subset Selection by Mobile Agents

    Session Chairs:

    J.P.Müller, UK,
    P.Petta, Austria, email: (local co-chair)

    Programme Committee:

    Christian Balkenius
    Magnus Boman
    Hans-Dieter Burkhard
    Cristiano Castelfranchi
    Frank Dignum
    Klaus Fischer
    Michael Fisher
    Adam Maria Gadomski
    Fritz Hohl
    Matthias Klusch
    Mark d'Inverno
    Michael Luck
    John-Jules Ch. Meyer
    Jörg P. Müller
    Jürgen Müller
    Pablo Noriega
    Paolo Petta
    Luciano Serafini
    Gerd Wagner
    Gerhard Weiß
    Mike Wooldridge

    Further Information

    For any further information on this symposium please contact the local co-chair.

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