OFAI's Brigitte Krenn gives an invited talk on "E-Recruiting -- How to find the right personnel" at Vienna HR-Brunch, Vienna, Austria.

Start of the EU-ERC Advanced Grant Project Con Espressione carried out by Gerhard Widmer, contributors are Martin Gasser and Thassilo Gadermaier.


Start of the EU CHISTERA Project ATLANTIS with OFAI's Brigitte Krenn as project leader.

Start of the FFG-Project updatemi: Summarization for news texts with OFAI's Brigitte Krenn as project leader.

OFAI's Robert Trappl gives a Keynote Speech at the symposium "CREATION AT THE NEXUS OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ART" jointly organised by La Biennale di …

OFAI's Brigitte Krenn leads the discussion panel on 'Critical Engineering or critical thinking?' at the net:25 | net:future conference , University of Vienna, Austria.

Sabine Payr is co-organiser of the session on "Robots as Helpers and Companions for Assisted Living" at the European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna.