Elias Pampalk is not working at OFAI anymore. These pages are no longer updated and kept for archiving purposes only. For any further information, please visit Elias Pampalk's personal webpage.

Elias Pampalk, Dr.techn.

Austrian Research Institute
for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)

Freyung 6/6
A-1010 Vienna, Austria


PHONE  (+43-1) 533 6112 - 19  
FAX  (+43-1) 533 6112 - 77  



I'm Elias Pampalk, a former PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology studying computer science. I was supervised by Prof. Gerhard Widmer.

I was a member of the music group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, in German it's called Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI).

I have been working on different projects related to music. My main research interests still are content-based music analysis and feature extraction, data mining in general, and clustering in particular. I like to visualize stuff.

April 2006 I started working at the AIST as a post-doctoral researcher. I have a new webpage now. However, I remain in close contact to members of the OFAI and will also occasionally update these webpages.

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