Elias Pampalk is not working at OFAI anymore. These pages are no longer updated and kept for archiving purposes only. For any further information, please visit Elias Pampalk's personal webpage.

Elias Pampalk, Dr.techn.

Austrian Research Institute
for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)

Freyung 6/6
A-1010 Vienna, Austria


PHONE  (+43-1) 533 6112 - 19  
FAX  (+43-1) 533 6112 - 77  



The Self-Organizing Map (SOM) Toolbox
The SOM Toolbox has everything you need when working with SOMs. Great visualizations, efficient implementations. Powerful toolbox, very user friendly.
Generative Topographic Mapping (GTM)
Alternative to the SOM. Well documented with several illustrative demonstrations, easy to use.
Netlab Neural Network Software
This toolbox has everything you need to work with neural networks (MLPs, RBFNs, GMMs, MCMCs, etc.) plus several demonstrations.
Looking for something else? You might find it at Mathtools.
The Latex thing for Windows, includes all necessary tools to compile Latex, create PDF and PS files etc. The smallest version has a download size of about 23MB and needs 100MB disk space.
Nice graphical interface to Latex, perfect for people without Latex experience. Works well with MikTex.
BibDB - A BibTex Manager
A simple but useful little program that offers a graphical user interface to maintain a database of bibliographies.
GSview, Acrobat Reader
The common choices to view PS and PDF files. Note that GSview needs Ghostscript. I recommend installing in the following order: Ghostscript, GSview, Acrobat Reader, MikTex, TexnicCenter. (BibDB doesn't need to be installed, just use it.)
An alternative to the compulsary military service in Austria: Instead of serving 8 months in the army it is possible to work 14 months abroad for an NGO dealing with peace issues (Friedensdienst), social issues (Sozialdienst), or issues related to the remembrance of the holocaust (Gedenkdienst).,
A different way of spending vacations: Service Civil International organizes workcamps (with a duration of about 2-3 weeks) where young volunteers from all over the world work together on non-profit projects.

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