Perl GATE Library

This library was created as part of the SEMPRE project.

This module makes it possible to create, read, modify, and write GATE documents from within perl and use the abstractions for document content, document annotation sets, annotations, and annotation features in a way very similar to the JAVA API.

Here is an overview of the current features and limitations:

  • Create a GATE document from a string
  • De-serialize the XML representation of GATE documents
  • Create a XML serialization of a GATE document
  • Handle annotation sets, annotations, annotation spans, and features
  • Only supports documents and feature values encoded in UTF8
  • Only supports feature values of type java.lang.String.
  • Features and offsets are stored directly with annotations, not in separate data structures (nodes, feature sets)



This module is now on CPAN and can be downloaded from there or directly installed using the cpan or cpanp command.



This software is provided as is without any warranties, guarantees etc. whatsoever. However the author is happy to receive feedback, bug reports etc and will try to answer as soon as possible. Send email to johann[DOT]petrak(AT)ofai[DOT]at.


This software is made available under the GNU General Publice License

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