GATE Plugins and other GATE-Related Software and Resources

On this page you can find various plugins I wrote or modified for GATE. See the page for each plugin for more information.

Perl GATE Library V0.04 (2010-02-26)

A perl module for reading, accessing and creating GATE documents from within perl. The module supports the creation and handling of GATE annotation sets, annotations, and features, and accessing the document content that corresponds to annotations. The handling of annotation features is limited to feature values of type string at the moment -- there is no support for reading, interpreting, or writing any other Java type.

AppDoc Plugin

A plugin that allows to add documentation information to controllers and processing resources and to generate documentation files from stored controller(gapp/xgapp) files.

JapeUtils Plugin

A plugin that provides JapeExtended, a PR that adds a number of additional predefined user constraints (for checking for annotations that start, end, or coincide with other annotations and for checking for matching feature values between annotations). The plugin also defines the class JapeUtils which provides a number of useful static methods to be used in JAPE JAVA right-hand-sides to make the Java code there more concise and more readable.

String Annotation Plugin

A plugin for various forms of how to annotated the document content string. At the moment, this contains a new and enhanced version of what previously was the ExtendedGazetteer plugin and a new processing resource for using Java Regular expressions for annotating the content.

VirtualDocuments Plugin

A plugin that handles the creation and processing of "virtual documents" created from a source document by selecting the values of annotation features, the underlying text of specific annotations, or constant text. (NOTE: this is work in progress, an updated and better documented version is in the works).

VirtualCorpus Plugin

A plugin that provides a corpus LR which makes files in a directory available and a corpus LR which makes fields in a JDBC table available.

This plugin makes a two new kinds of corpus LR available: one for directly accessing files in a directory as GATE documents and one for directly accessing fields in the rows of a JDBC database table as GATE documents.


A plugin that helps with the modularization of pipelines. It provides a processing resources that can be used to wrap a stored GATE application/pipeline (a gapp/xgapp) file. In that way a pipeline can be nested within another pipeline as a processing resource. The processing resource will always load the current version of the pipeline (sub-module) file.

JapeParms Plugin

A plugin that provides the PR JapeParms which wraps a JAPE Transducer and preprocesses the JAPE grammar input file using a template engine with the variables provided in a map given as a PR parameter.

Note: this is an earl alpha verison!

Older, Outdated, Deprecated, Abandoned or Boring Plugins

Plugin for context-local ontology-based entity annotation V0.01 (2008-12-01)

A plugin for retrieving document-related information from an ontology and using that information for gazetteer-like annotation for NER.

GATE Jetty Server plugin V0.01 (2008-05-21)

A GATE plugin that starts a HTML server under GATE. The HTML server accepts a GATE document and additional parameters as a HTML POST request, runs a pipeline on the document and sends the processed GATE document back to the client.
NOTE: this is still pre-alpha and might undergo severe changes in the future.

GATE Scripting Language plugin V0.02

A plugin that allows the use of several scripting languages within GATE. Supported languages at the moment: JRuby, Jython, Javascript and Groovy. The scripting languages can be used from an interactive console (LR) or to run a processing step in a pipeline (PR).
NOTE: this is still pre-alpha and might undergo severe changes in the future.

TreeTagger2 plugin V1.0

A modification of the GATE TreeTagger plugin that makes it easier to call the TreeTager binaries and also allows to use the chunker capability of TreeTagger from withing GATE.

OFAI JAPE Transducer Plugin V0.01

A modification of the Montreal Transducer plugin which adds the virtual @string feature to the LHS and the RHS of rules. This is experimental and based on the very old code!
Use only for information or if you are really desparate!