Gregor Sieber

Researcher in the Interaction Technologies group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.


My public gpg key is here.

Office: Freyung 6/3/1a, A-1010 Wien, Austria

Phone: (+43-1)5324621-7, Fax: (+43-1)5324621-9


Interests: dialogue, episodic memory, multi-modal interaction, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, interfaces.

Most recently, I joined the ExpertSeek project, where we "develop core technology for a new kind of semantic search system that is able to automatically identify experts for clearly defined project tasks making use of textual similarities in expert and task profiles, and of models of explicit expert knowledge".

Projects at OFAI:

Other projects I have been involved in: ELISA (English Language Interview Corpus as a Second-Language Application), and GermaNet, both at the University of Tübingen.

Publications and Reports

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