Play with RASCALLI yourself!

Web interface to the RASCALLI system (URL)

RASCALLI ECA (3D Client to be installed on your computer (exe)
Use the config.xml instead of the one in your installation.

Gossip Galore, a virtual companion to gossip about the music world (URL)

Question and Answers releated to Rascalli
What is the RASCALLI project?
What does cognitively enhanced mean?
What are artificial companions? What is a Rascalla or Rascallo?
What aspects of artificial companions can I explore in the Rascalli demonstrators?
How do I get started?
What is the difference between the Simple Music Companion and the Adaptive Music Companion?
What is Gossip Galore?
What are the Terms of Use for the Rascalli system?
What is the Code of Conduct for the Rascalli users?
What are my potential risks, when I use the Rascalli system?

RASCALLI is supported by the European Commission Cognitive Systems Programme (IST-27596-2004).


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